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Star Lamp India is a country of immense beauty and varied cultural and art forms. We bring to you some of our rich art forms through our hand-crafted items. Browse through our collection of exquisite pieces - each one designed and manufactured by master craftsmen from different parts of India.
Brighten up your holidays and festive events including birthdays, anniversaries or just to decorate that cozy den. These are hand-crafted and screen printed in beautiful patterns and colors and give a muted glow through the texture of the paper. All our star lamp shades are made of high quality recycled papers, by hands on cottage industry, where is no child labour.
Indianshoppe brings to you a display of items created by craftsmen who are using their skills to save the earth. Using old cotton rags, flowers and other materials from nature they create exquisite paper and products that are eco-friendly and expensive. The Petals paper has real marigold or rose petals tossed onto the paper before the sheet is sun-dried.Placing fresh leaves between the rollers makes the Leaf paper as the paper passes through it. This process imparts the green color and impression on to the paper. Browse through our collection of recycled paper products - each one designed and manufactured using eco-friendly raw materials. By using these products, you not only save your forests, but also ensure that a tradition of Indian village and cottage industry does not become a thing of the past.
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